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2021 Elections - WCAPT Board of Directors

Voting in the 2021 election is now closed. Please join us at our AGM on September 24th to see the results: WCAPT AGM 2021


This year we are adding three seats to the board of directors, taking the board from nine to twelve members. The slate of nominees includes three incumbent board members who are finishing their first term in office and are hoping to continue their efforts for a second term.

Annie Lo (Incumbent) See Qualification Statement

Principal & Managing Director - Diagnostics Group, Walter P. Moore and WCAPT President

I enjoy connecting with members of the preservation industry, including WCAPT and APTi supporters, and the students who are entering the profession. I am looking forward to establishing a deeper connection between the three states in which the Western Chapter covers – California, Nevada, and Arizona. In addition to these geographies, the experts and companies who specialize in historic preservation, restoration, forensics, architectural design, and structural engineering are paramount. Also critical to this dialogue and network are the historians, material scientists, craftsmen, artists, and advocates who teach us how important preservation and teamwork are in order for us to achieve successful projects. I am excited about bringing more interdisciplinary events and discussions to WCAPT, and I hope to continue contributing to its future development within the next few years.

Michelle Sandoval Marcinek (Incumbent) See Qualification Statement

Senior Associate - Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. and WCAPT Board Member

As part of the Board of Directors, I have worked to encourage membership growth throughout the chapter.  I would like to continue assisting the board with membership outreach, particularly in areas outside of California and for emerging younger professionals which could be more represented as part of the chapter.

The Western Chapter encompasses a large geographic region, making ongoing collaboration between specific areas throughout each member state challenging; however, the region provides a large community of design professionals who are potential members.  Increased outreach and engagement can enhance diversity in the chapter and provide new venues for members to visit and explore. Outreach to other preservation groups and AIA Historic Resource committees in other states may also encourage collaboration and membership growth.

As a Board member, I would encourage and participate in outreach to emerging professionals and students in each of these communities. I would like to work to increase participation from younger professionals and students and create events and programs that can help foster professional development for these newer members.

Alice Custance-Baker (Incumbent)

President - Custance-Baker Conservation LLC and WCAPT Board Member

My vision for WCAPT is to provide a platform for making connections and sharing knowledge within the preservation community between craftspeople, designers/architects, engineers, scientists, and others, with a focus on the technical aspects of preservation.

Christopher Gray, FRICS See Qualification Statement

Manager LA, Head of Reality Capture - GBG USA Inc. and WCAPT Founder & Past President

I believe that the board needs to continue to expand and enhance the development of WCAPT throughout the western region and represent that region nationally as brand ambassadors and thereby provide insight and context to the developing preservation efforts of, not only California, but also Nevada and Arizona.  I believe that WCAPT needs to collaborate and form relationships with other relevant local, state and regional organizations to assist and promote combined preservation efforts.  We need to attract regional professionals through a greater awareness of APTI and of the preservation resources that can be made available to them.  Importantly, I believe we must continue to promote the growth, relevance and education of WCAP to be a much more expanded demographic. WCAPT needs to be a force for change – to promote adaptive re-use as an agent of energy performance and climate change.

Michelle Langlie See Qualification Statement

Senior Preservation Planner - San Francisco Planning Department

The WCAPT Board should seek to create an atmosphere of inclusivity, reaching out to preservation professionals in the region, especially those outside of major metropolitan areas. Specific focus should also be made to recruit and provide support to young professionals, women and BIPOC. Connecting with local neighborhood, grassroots, history, and other non-traditional organizations through social media can be a good way to reach out and create partnerships with underserved communities – both WCAPT and smaller local organizations could benefit from such partnerships to further shared preservation goals.

Dick Gee See Qualification Statement

Architect / Project Manager - Spectra Company

I believe that the board should continue its efforts to expand its membership base and its value to the preservation professional community.  Some thoughts and ideas to achieve this include:

  • Develop better connection to Architecture and Engineering students.  Continue to build better relationships with key universities and connections to programs and internship opportunities. 
  • Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with other preservation organizations.  
  • Develop a library of digital content in the form of case studies, best practices, webinars, etc that can both provide relevant content for preservation professionals and attract new members to the chapter.

Continue efforts to establish membership bases in other states

Thank you for participating in our election, we appreciate your input. The results of the election will be presented at the Annual General Meeting on September 24th, 2021.

Send messages to: info@wcapt.com

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