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2021 Elections - WCAPT Board of Directors

WCAPT Members ~ If  you are interested in running for the Board of Directors this year, please let us know!



Interested in becoming a candidate?

WCAPT is always looking to diversify its Board of Directors. We have primarily represented California in the past and are actively looking for candidates from Arizona and Nevada. Please send message of interest to the email below if you are interested in being a candidate for 2021 or know someone else who is. Candidates must be an active member of WCAPT and in good standing.

Interested in getting more involved with WCAPT?

You do not need to be on the Board of Directors to be involved with WCAPT!  We welcome anyone from general membership to join any of our active committees at any time and/or volunteer for specific events. Please send a message to the following email below indicating: 1) your interest, 2) the specific tasks you would be interested in participating in, and 3) how much time commitment you can provide (per week, per month, for specific events, etc). We look forward to hearing from you!

Send messages to: info@wcapt.com

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