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 Nominee Vision Statements 

Voting for the 2023 WCAPT Board of Directors is now closed.

Kimberly Butt

As an architect and architectural historian practicing for over 20 years in the Bay Area, I would be excited to become more involved with WCAPT. My vision for the WCAPT is to be an active and present organization with a growing membership that serves as a valuable resource to local preservation professionals. I see it as a community for sharing knowledge, experiences and lessons learned, as well as advocating for preservation in general. Material preservation in the Western Region requires a somewhat specialized knowledge, when dealing with temperate coastal environments and a host on Modern buildings constructed of materials innovative for their time and often considered to be temporary. I would like to see WCAPT serve as both a resource for information and as a community professionals to engage.

Danielle Campbell (incumbent)

I would like to continue to help WCAPT expand their student membership and scholarships by continuing to be on the Student Outreach Committee. We are working on increasing our outreach to student programs and universities to gain more interest in historic preservation. I am excited to have the opportunity to continue helping with initiatives of the Board.

Jocelyn Chan

I am excited to submit my application for consideration for WCAPT's 2023 Board of Directors after moving back to the Bay Area in 2019. As we navigate the professional realm after the pandemic, I look forward to more opportunities for in-person collaboration and would like to contribute to organizing events and educational series. Given my strong technical background, I would like to assist in identifying where additional opportunities for cross-disciplinary education are. Additionally, I have always been a vocal advocate for supporting early and mid-career preservation professionals and promoting diversity and inclusion within our field. I look forward to participating in the growth of WCAPT (and APT at large) to strengthen the future of our field and nurture the next generation of preservation professionals.

Shari Kamimori 

My vision for the Western Chapter Association for Preservation Technology is to foster a dynamic and inclusive community dedicated to the preservation and stewardship of our built heritage. Let us envision a future where our region's historic structures, landmarks, and cultural landscapes are protected, celebrated, and accessible to all. Through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovative approaches, we can strive to be a leading force in advancing the field of preservation technology. By advocating for sustainable practices, embracing emerging technologies, and engaging diverse stakeholders, we can aim to safeguard our architectural legacy, inspire future generations, and ensure a vibrant and resilient built environment for years to come.

Ariana Macau

I want to see improvement of outreach in WCAPT and APT(I) in general. To me, preservation is acknowledging the presence of something historically, or something that's just been made, and making sure that it exists in space for people to interact with and appreciate for as long as the artist/builder intends it to be. Sometimes it's preserving something intangible: an idea, a community, a thought or a movement. Engaging multi-generational interaction and intentionally blurring the lines between people who identify as conservators, preservationists and people who do maintenance (without losing the quality of work) is invaluable and necessary to keep our professions vibrant and inclusive.

James Reigle (incumbent)

I believe that the board needs to continue to expand and enhance the development of WCAPT throughout the western region. To do this, we need to provide insight and context to the developing preservation efforts of, not only California, but also Nevada and Arizona. I believe that WCAPT needs to contact and promote us with other local, state, and regional preservation organizations to assist with their and our preservation efforts. In additional, we need to provide regional professionals with a greater awareness of APTI and our preservation resources that can be made available to them. In conclusion, I believe we must continue to assist with the growth and education of our WCAPT membership.

Christina Varvi (incumbent)

For WCAPT, I would like to assist with engaging more preservation trades/specialties (i.e. contractors, masons, woodworkers, metal workers, plasterers, etc.) in our events throughout the year; both current members and trying to gain additional members from these various disciplines. In addition to continuing engaging lectures and site visits, I'd also like to explore a "Work Day" where members come together to volunteer at a local site for a few hours (usually about 3). These are typically historic sites, landscapes, etc. that could use an extra hand with easy, general maintenance. Volunteers also usually receive a tour and light refreshments. It's a nice way to engage with the community and have them get to know us as an organization and resource as well as a different type of opportunity for members to mingle and get to know one another better.

Alan White

My primary goal will be to update and streamline the WCAPT online member experience from the website, to email campaigns, event registrations, elections, scholarship applications, and member suggestions.

Other contributions will include supporting the maintenance of a full calendar of events, including a revival of the Hearst Castle tour that was canceled in March of 2020.

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