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 Nominee Vision Statements 

Voting is now closed. Results will be emailed in July!

Christopher Gray (incumbent)

I believe that the board needs to continue to expand and enhance the development of WCAPT throughout

the western region and represent that region nationally as brand ambassadors and thereby provide insight and

context to the developing preservation efforts of, not only California, but also Nevada and Arizona. I believe

that WCAPT needs to collaborate and form relationships with other relevant local, state and regional

organizations to assist and promote combined preservation efforts. We need to attract regional professionals

and students through a greater awareness of APTI and of the preservation resources that can be made

available to them. Importantly, I believe we must continue to promote the growth, relevance and education of

WCAPT to be a much more expanded demographic. WCAPT needs to be a force for change – to promote

adaptive re-use as an agent of energy performance and climate change.

...learn more about Christopher, here!

Dick Gee (incumbent)

I believe that the board should continue its efforts to expand its membership base and its value to the preservation professional community. Some thoughts and ideas to achieve this include:

    • Develop better connections to Architecture and Engineering students. Continue to build better relationships with key universities and connections to programs and internship opportunities.
    • Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with other preservation organizations.
    • Develop a library of digital content in the form of case studies, best practices, webinars, etc. that can both provide relevant content for preservation professionals and attract new members to the chapter.
    • Continue efforts to establish membership bases in other states
    • Develop better participation from Architectural and Engineering firms.
...learn more about Dick, here!

Michelle Langlie (incumbent)

The WCAPT Board should seek to create an atmosphere of inclusivity, reaching out to preservation professionals

in the region, especially those outside of major metropolitan areas. Specific focus should also be made to recruit

and provide support to young professionals, women and BIPOC. Connecting with local neighborhood,

grassroots, history, and other non-traditional organizations through social media can be a good way to reach

out and create partnerships with underserved communities – both WCAPT and smaller local organizations could

benefit from such partnerships to further shared preservation goals.

...learn more about Michelle, here!

Ean Frank 

With 30 years of experience devoted to preserving the nation’s most cherished structures, I am passionate about

bridging the divide between traditional craftsmen and designers. Having contributed to the preservation of

nearly 100 national landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage sites my exposure to the built environment spans the

continent and three decades. Perhaps what I am most passionate about is acting as a bridge between design

professionals and traditional artisan, in an effort to improve collaboration and professional respect.

...learn more about Ean, here!

Courtney Mooney

My vision is to bring my 27 years of historic preservation, urban planning experience, and professional network to

the Board to help further the mission of the WCAPT. I am particularly interested in expanding the student and

young professional mentorship program and assisting with conference coordination and professional

development programs. I hope through targeted training and outreach efforts to support and increase WCAPT’s

presence as a leading organization providing technical advice regarding sustainable, inclusive, and sensitive preservation methods.

...learn more about Courtney, here!

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