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WCAPT Student/Emerging Professional Scholarship Fund


The WCAPT Student/Emerging Professional Scholarship Fund provides financial support to current students or recent graduates in historic preservation or related fields in architecture, engineering, materials science, etc. to help with expenses such as professional development/training, attendance at annual Association for Preservation Technology International (APTI) meeting, or other WCAPT or APTI sponsored events.  WCAPT will award two scholarships each year (one student applicant and one emerging professional applicant) pending availability of funding and number of applicants.

  • $2000 for one student scholar
  • $1000 for one emerging professional
Scholarship award recipients shall provide a summary narrative of the event including date, location, and the event experience within one month of event attendance that the scholarship was used towards.  The event summary will be posted on the WCAPT website Scholarship page.

Application deadline is TBD, 2024 at 5:00 PM PST.

Eligibility Requirements

  • College students enrolled full-time in a program studying historic preservation or related fields in architecture, engineering, materials science, etc. in California, Arizona, or Nevada.
  • Recent graduates (within the last four years) from one of the above listed programs.
  • Applicants must be current WCAPT members or are willing to become members of the organization (Note: Student membership is free).
  • Applicants are expected to attend one WCAPT event within the year after the award.
  • Special consideration will be given to those specializing in fields relating to preservation technology. 
  • Past recipients cannot be awarded for two consecutive years.



  • Applicants must submit a one-page (maximum) statement explaining why a scholarship is desired and include the following:

    • Applicant’s name, address, email address, phone number.
    • School and program currently enrolled in/or recently graduated from.
    • Field of study and expected/past graduation date.
    • Current area of professional work, if applicable.
    • Outline of applicant's interest in historic preservation and potential involvement in WCAPT.

Email applications or questions to WCAPT at


Applications will be reviewed by the WCAPT Student/Emerging Professional Scholarship Committee.  Scholarship recipients will be determined based on the application outline for interest in historic preservation and preservation technology, as well as geographical and institutional distribution (as applicable).  

2023 Student Scholar - Katelyn Lowry

I had the pleasure of attending The Future of Tech. Conference in Seattle hosted by APT as a Student Scholar. During my time here I got to observe student competitions, interact with exhibitors, connect with industry professionals and, most impactful to me, attend presentation sessions. These presentations gave me valuable insight into the field that I hope to enter. I observed industry professionals speak with great passion about the projects they were working on or had completed. I loved getting to hear the narrative of the history of these projects as well as the steps that were taken to preserve their historic fabric while addressing the need for renovation, seismic upgrades, or fa├žade rehabilitation. I was inspired to explore new technologies such as point cloud modeling and AI after listening to presentations on how they were already being integrated into the workplace. I especially enjoyed getting to hear from the Ph.D. students and the research they were conducting. These presentations made me so incredibly excited to continue my education and hopeful of the caliber of projects I could take part in later in my career.  

2023 Emerging Professional Scholar - Charlotte Matthai

   I attended the APT Future of Tech Conference this October with a little over a year of professional experience in architecture. By the time of the event, I felt as though I had grasped command of certain skills, but I did not have a complete picture of the breadth of design fields and how they come together. The APT Conference helped me conceive of design and preservation as a greater puzzle. I attended the conference intending to grow my knowledge of sustainable solutions for historic buildings, but I learned so much beyond that. For instance, I found myself particularly riveted by presentation sessions concerning conservation. While this is not my area of expertise, it makes me aware of strategies to integrate into my practice. I was also intrigued by the technical solutions for disaster resilience and sustainability scenarios. These are skills I can bring back into my day-to-day work in order to understand projects from a more holistic perspective. Beyond presentation sessions, I was able to make connections with some really inspirational people who showed me different approaches to practice and methods of maintaining values in a fast-paced world. I am very grateful for this opportunity and am excited to continue my involvement with APT

 2024 APTI Scholarships

Student scholarship applications for the October 2024 APTI conference in TBD can be found at

Students from across the world have played an important role in APT conferences since the 1986 inception of the Student Scholarships Program.  Their student presentations have become of great interest to Conference participants.  Through the Student Scholarships Program, students from all areas of study in the field of historic preservation/conservation submit abstracts that illustrate research or a project that they have developed to address an aspect of preservation/conservation technology.  Scholarship recipient selection is based on the quality of a submitted abstract; how well the concepts demonstrate excellence in the student’s area of study; a personal statement; and the appropriateness of the subject to the conference theme. 

 Scholarship Fund Donations 


Support Western Chapters Students and Emerging Professionals with a tax-free contribution towards the Scholarship Fund. Donations to this fund are specifically earmarked for scholarships and are not applied for any other purpose.  All donors are acknowledged in all published formats as a scholarship supporter for the current donor year unless directed otherwise.  Each donation generates an email thanking you for your donation to the WCAPT Scholarship fund with your donation amount for your record.  

Board Members Kimberly Butt and Ariana Makau presenting to UC BERKELEY AIAS on preservation and WCAPT.  11/16/2023

Emerging Professional Narrative

2022 Detroit APT Conference

By Amber Sutherland  

During my undergrad education at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and my graduate education at UCLA, I most enjoyed the ability to attend lectures on a wide variety of topics, ask numerous questions, and participate in the process of learning. While I have the benefit of getting to ask a lot of questions through my new structural engineering job at Silman, nothing quite compares to sitting amongst peers, learning together. What I experienced at the 2022 Detroit Association for Preservation Technology (APT) Conference, exceeded any expectations I had of similarity to a college classroom environment. Not only was I surrounded by peers, but by experts in the preservation industry. There was a wealth of knowledge in every connection made, and warmth in responses to every question asked. In addition to getting to connect with people who work in the preservation field, I also got to attend a wide variety of topics presented at this year’s conference that could only be offered to those working in a specialized field. Since I am new to the industry, topics such as anchorage to historic terra cotta tile and block systems, working with draped-mesh cinderconcrete slab systems and using wind models to help preserve historic monuments were intriguing and exposed me to the various archaic systems I may encounter on future projects. Working in California, I also enjoyed learning about numerous rehabilitation projects in marine environments and how our environment and location near the coast impacts the preservation challenges we face. Now that I’m back in California, it has been exciting to share and apply the knowledge I’ve gained. Needless to say, it was a privilege to be able to attend this conference, to learn, to ask questions, and to meet the talented and knowledgeable people in my chosen industry.

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